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Meet the artists.

Here you can view original paintings, prints and greetings cards by artist and read their biography's.

Artist: Cuthbert Bradley
1861 - 1943 Born in Lincolnshire.  Originally trained as an architect at Kings College London.  Self taught, his love of hunting and hounds was clear to see throughout his career.  Worked as a Sporting journalist contributing to various magazines including The Field and illustraiting for Vanity Fair.
Please note prices do NOT include VAT & postage which will be added on checkout.

Belvoir, Sir Gilbert Hart Greenall Original Vanity Fair print C.Bradley

 Belvoir, Sir Gilbert Hart Greenall Original Vanity Fair print C.Bradley
(Ref no. 15019)
Cuthbert Bradley
Price: 50.00
Post & Packing: £ 4.50

'A Father of The Belvoir' Vanity Fair Print

 John Earl Welby original vanity fair print
(Ref no. 14694)
Cuthbert Bradley
Image size: 13.5 x 7.5ins 34 x 19cm
Price: 30.00
Post & Packing: £ 6.25

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