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Cruse Fine Art Flatbed Scanning Service.

To reproduce fine art prints successfully the secret is in the scanning. The ultimate in fine art scanning is the German built Cruse Flatbed Fine Art Scanner which enables art work measuring up to 40ins x 50ins to be scanned lying on the flat bed of the scanner.with no risk of damage to the painting. Paintings can even be scanned through glass without removing them from their frame. The problems of glare, so often encountered when reproducing large oil paintings, are normally totally eliminated by the even lighting which travels with the scanner head over the top of the painting, thus giving an even light accross the whole painting.

These Cruse scanners are used by the world's leading museums.

Because they cost many times more than the average scanner  there are only a handful available for use throughout the world . We invested in this Cruse Scanner primarily because we have been in print publishing for over thirty five years and we care about the quality of the work we reproduce. The Cruse Scanner has enabled us to overcome problems of print production that have dogged us for years! With so many years experience in reproducing and publishing fine art prints we understand the problems encountered in fine art reproduction and therefore are confident we can offer a service  to those wishing to reproduce art work. We are happy to produce a high quality digital scan that you can use to print your own prints from or alternatively we can do the whole job and reproduce your prints for you.

The other great bonus when using this scanner is that the job can be done while you wait so you only have to make one journey.

Technical details as follows:

LIGHTING: The patented 'Synchron’ table lighting system:
Eliminates glare.
Provides a perfectly even illumination across the artwork. 3D and textured effects possible.  Reduces the overall light exposure on originals making it perfect for conservation, archival and museum work.

The lens used in the Cruse is Ultra high resolution
The Cruse uses complex software to eliminate human error and maximise sharpness.
Scanning up to 1000dpi for major enlargements.

Very little set up time so your items can be SCANNED WHILE YOU WAIT.
Artwork can be scanned still in it's frame.
It will even scan perfectly through glass and a high gloss varnish.

Nothing touches the surface of your artwork.
The amount of light it is exposed to is far less than that of a photographic studio.
Artwork is placed on a flat bed and requires no propping and a minimum of handling.

Scanning Prices 2011



Single 300dpi scan up to 50 x 75cms: £45 each 

Five or more 300dpi scans up to 50 x 75cms: £40 each


Single 300dpi scan from 50 x 75cms up to 100 x 150cms: £55 each

Five or more 300dpi scans from 50 x 75cms up to 100 x 150cms: £50 each


Single 300dpi scan from 100 x 150cms up to 150 x 250cms: £150 each

Five or more 300dpi scans from 100 x 150cms up to 150 x 250cms: £120 each


Single 600dpi scan up to 50 x 75cms: £85 each

Five or more 600dpi scans up to 50 x 75cms: £80 each


Single 1000dpi scan up to 48 x 30cms: £170 each

Five or more 1000dpi scans up to 48 x 30cms: £150 each


Single 1000dpi scan from 48 x 30cms up to 96 x 60cms: £280 each

Five or more 1000dpi scans from 48 x 30cms up to 96 x 60cms: £265 each


3D and textured scanning:

£50 one off set up charge to establish client’s requirements will allow for up to 3 trial scans.  Then prices as quoted above.


All prices are + VAT



If you have in excess of 20 artworks to scan or plan to bring us a number of artworks regularly throughout the year further discounts may be applicable, please ring to discuss.



Please make sure that you either own or have permission to use the copyright of the artwork or works in question.  It is a criminal offence to reproduce artwork without it.  Ownership of the artwork does not automatically establish ownership of the copyright.  We will ask you to sign a disclaimer to this effect.




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