Footloose and Fancy Free Racehorse Giclee Print by Malcolm Coward

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Size: 10 x 10 ins

Price: £30.00

Size: 10 x 10 ins

Price: £45.00

Size: 10 x 10 ins

Price: £80.00

Footloose and Fancy Free is a limited edition giclee print, taken from a painting by Malcolm Coward of a riderless racehorse seen at a Point to Point.  Strictly limited to 195 copies worldwide, each print is checked and signed by Malcolm then hand numbered.

Printed in England onto a lovely soft textured heavyweight (315gram) acid balenced fine art card in very high grade lightfast ink.  Image area 10"x 10" (26 x 26cms)  Can be supplied print only, double mounted (uk only) or framed (uk only- please allow 2 weeks for delivery of framed prints) The approximate size quoted refers to the image area plus there is the white border to allow for framing.