Meet the Artists - April Young

"April Young is an established British artist producing highly expressive works exploring movement and the natural world. Her sensitive yet unsentimental figurative studies have won her considerable acclaim, with the horse in particular being a regular subject matter. Her concepts are often enriched by her love of literature, folklore and mythology.

Whether incorporating actual objects, or transfers of images sampled and reprocessed into the new pieces, surfaces are an essential element to the work. Themes such as weightless and the expression of extreme and spontaneous movement, are essential to the aesthetic. Through loose yet definite mark making, she works vigorously, 'pulling out' a shape that expresses raw energy, attempting to exaggerate, yet maintain, anatomical truth.

April has been selected for a number of commissions including life-sized bronze figures for Morgan Stanley. Represention by high profile galleries across the UK and Ireland, is supported by the work being show at major Art Fairs globally. Her pieces are held in numerous private collections worldwide and have been shown in various mixed exhibitions including at the Royal Academy."

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