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Born 1945 in Nottinghamshire UK.  As the son of an amateur artist  Brian became familiar from a very early age with the smell of linseed oil and turpentine. He attended classes at a School of Art from the age of 10, when his involvement  in  both studying figurative movement and playing sports combined,  for if not playing football or  cricket every daylight hour he was sketching some athletic action or other  -  then inevitably found himself subsequently painting much more than playing.
 His application has developed over 40 years or so by being more concerned with action and the loose block-building association of positive colours rather than the clinical line and  illustrative detail ... calling it the ‘colour of movement’..

From the first ‘FOOTBALL & RACING CATALOGUE’’ Sotheby’s, New Bond Street, London
 “Brian West began painting  in oils at an early age later attending  Mansfield College of Art. In his       professional career he has specialised in sporting  imagery,  seeking to portray  the drama, colour and spectacle of the sporting world.  He has exhibited widely with great success and has been commissioned by many famous names from the world of sport, including Gary Lineker OBE, Peter Shilton MBE.OBE, Gordon Strachan OBE, Sir Alex Ferguson CBE,  Sir Jack Haywood,  David Gower OBE  and many others;  as well as painting commissions for sporting institutions such as The Football Association, The Sports Council, Wembley Stadium plc, The British Olympic Sailing Team  and various football, cricket and rugby clubs”. 

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