Meet the Artists - David Barfield

David, the son of an engineer, is married with two daughters. He was educated at Walton Comprehensive School and left when he was 16 to take up an engineering apprenticeship. He spent seven years on the shop floor as a machinist for three large factories, eventually progressing to Technical Sales where he spent three years. At school David was always regarded as a good draughtsman but never anticipated a career in art. He works extensively in pastels and a painting of his daughter resulted in painting portraits of friends children. One month after selling his first portrait David gave up a good salaried job and company car to concentrate on art. He started going to dog shows and, as a result, most of his work is of dogs. More recently, he has turned his atention to horses. Davids talent has shown incredible development in a very short time, and within one year of embarking on his career as an artist, Sally Mitchell published three delightful and very successful prints. Original work is available, and David must be an artist to watch for in the future.

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