John Theodore Eardley Kenney1911-1972 was a highly thought of sporting artist. He had artistic talent from an early age but like many had to make a living as a commercial artist. War interrupted his career and he made many drawings of the war which are now in the Royal Army Museum. After the war he resumed his position in the commercial art studion but in 1952 decided to retire and paint full time. Hunting and the Fernie were his main loves and inspiration. His work was exhibited by London galleries and by Abercombie and Fitch in New York and Chicago and he gained a strong American clientel. He suffered chronic ill health which interfeered with his painting and he died after just twenty years of working as a sporting artist. He was the mentor of Neil Cawthorne who told me that all his success was attributable to John Kenney. He told me a lovely story of how, despite being a very kind man John was a hard taskmaster. He examined one of Neil's paintings criticising almost everything. He finally stopped, looked at the bottom left hand corner and said, I havent said any thing about that have I? That's because that bit's alright!

Due to the lack of available work he is not as well known as he should be but he is highly sought after and his paintings command high prices when they come up for sale.

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