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Fox Cubs by Frederick Haycock 12"x16" (30½cmx40½cm) Edition of 25 Copies Worldwide The prints are taken from an original painting by Frederick Haycock. They go through a rigorous proofing process in order to get the colours as close to the original as possible, overseen by the artist. Once satisfied, the prints are then traditionally hand stretched over very high quality stretcher bars, finally they are varnished twice by hand.The finished product is then hand numbered, checked and signed on the reverse by the artist. The result is truely stunning and is as close to owning the original painting itself without having the extra costs Framed and delivered via courier. These have to be made by hand so can take up to 10 days for delivery.


Frederick Haycock
12"x16" (30?cmx40?cm)
Canvas Prints
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Fox Limited Edition Canvas Print 'Fox Cubs' Canvas Print by Frederick Haycock

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