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Cruse Fine Art Flatbed Scanning Service

Technical details as follows:


The patented 'Synchron’ table lighting system largely eliminates glare.
Provides a perfectly even illumination across the artwork. 3D and textured effects possible.  Reduces the overall light exposure on originals making it perfect for conservation, archival and museum work.

The lens used in the Cruse is Ultra high resolution
The Cruse uses complex software to eliminate human error and maximise sharpness.
Scanning up to 1000dpi for major enlargements.

Very little set up time so your items can be SCANNED WHILE YOU WAIT. (Subject to appointment) 
Artwork can be scanned still in it's frame.
It will even scan through glass and a high gloss varnish.

Nothing touches the surface of your artwork.
The amount of light it is exposed to is far less than that of a photographic studio.
Artwork is placed on a flat bed and requires no propping and a minimum of handling.

Scanning Prices 2023

Single 300dpi scan from up to 100 x 150cms: £65 each

Double scan and stitch @ 300dpi scan from 100 x 150cms up to 150 x 200cms: £180 each.  This is where the size of the image/artwork exceeds the size of the bed on ONE axis, i.e. 100 x 170cms or 120 x 150cms (These have to be scanned in two halves and 'stitched' together in Photoshop).   

Artwork that exceeds on both axis such as 120 x 170cms for example require 4 scans and 3 x stitches.  Please ask for a quote?

Handling Charge: You are welcome to send us artwork/items via a courier and we will take the utmost care in un-wrapping and re-wrapping.  This is however very time consuming and we reserve the right to apply a handling charge of up to £20.  Also it is your responsibility while in transport! 

A 10% discount is applied for 5 or more scans

3D and textured scanning:

This is not three dimensional scanning, we simply alter the light settings to accentuate the surface texture and give a very effective impression of a 3D surface. These scans are however very time consuming so are charged at    £75 each. 

All prices are + VAT


Please make sure that you either own or have permission to use the copyright of the artwork or works in question. It is a criminal offence to reproduce artwork without it. Ownership of the artwork does not automatically establish ownership of the copyright. We will ask you to sign a disclaimer to this effect.


1. The Cruse scanner is a very effective and versatile method of image capture and as such we are generally the solution to your problems!  However and this is Important; as with everything in life there is always the exception to the rule!  We suggest a test scan first!

2. It is a light based system and as such very reflective surfaces such as gold leaf and aluminium for example will scan as black areas.

3. The scanner is situated within our gallery, 1 Market Place, Tuxford, NG22 0LA  and has to be accessed through a standard sized door.  If your artwork won't fit through a doorway, we can't scan it!

4. Please make an appointment before coming.

5. If you have in excess of 20 artworks to scan or plan to bring us a number of artworks regularly throughout the year further discounts may be applicable, please ring to discuss.

6. Scans are supplied on disk in 'TIFF' format