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An Air Combat First Aviation print by Keith Woodcock GAvA

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Available framed in the UK Only, usually delivered within 7 working days, however please allow up to two weeks at busy times.

Size: 15 x 26in 38 x 66cms
Price: £120.00
Size: 15 x 26in 38 x 66cms
Price: £138.00
Size: 15 x 26in 38 x 66cms
Price: £228.00

An Air Combat First.  Limited to 395 copies worldwide.  Signed and numbered by Keith Woodcock. 

Air America Bell 205 vs Attacking North Vietnamese Air Force An-2 Colt Captain Theodore H. Moore and Flight Mechanic Glenn R. Woods 12 January 1968 at Lima Site 85, Phou Pha Thi, Laos Air America Won.

Printed onto 315gram soft textured acid balenced fine art paper, in very high grade light fast inks.

This can be supplied print only, double mounted using conservation board (uk only) or framed (uk only). The approximate size quoted refers to the image area. There is also the white border which carries the signature and number of the edition. When the mount is added allow approximately an extra 19 cm (7.5") to the width and 22.5 cm (8.75") to the depth. The frame will add approximately another two inches each way.

On 12th Jan 1968, Moore and Woods who were on a mission delivering artillery ammunition in the area, engaged a formation of North Vietnamese air force Colt AN-2 Bi-Planes who were attacking  a secret radar station, Site 85.  Although their helecopter was an unarmed civillian version of the UH-1 Huey, Woods had packed an AK-47.  Woods fired from the side door shooting down two aircraft!  This is thought to be the only occasion in the whole of the Vietnam war where a fixed wing aircraft was shot down by a helecopter!