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The Art of the Traditional Circus Circus book by Dr. Robert Fountain. The modern circus is about 250 years old. Started by a retired Sergeant-major of Dragoons in a field off the Lambeth Marsh Road in London it grew to become one of the world’s largest entertainment businesses. In spite of its many ups and downs the artistes of the Traditional Circus remain a closely knit, international family resilient and dedicated to their art. Today their way-of-life is under threat from bureaucracy, legislation, regulation and the Animal Rights Movement. This book outlines the history of this unique, beguiling, travelling festival of fun, danger and skill and is both embellished and amplified by the work of artists who were seduced by its spectacle. The 160 illustrations, mostly in colour, include paintings by 52 different artists from Toulouse Lautrec, Jack Yeats and Dame Laura Knight up to the contemporary artists Malcolm Coward and Susie Whitcombe. Through their paintings one is able to savour the spirit of the Traditional Circus with its inventory of trained exotic and domesticated animals. AVAILABLE NOW.