Economic Zoology first report Theobald 1903 British Musuem

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Economic Zoology First report by Fred V.Theobald MA 1903 British Musuem (Natural History)book. Hard back green cloth cover gold lettering to spine only slightly faded. Pages are very clean but it is an ex library book and does have a library stamp on the corner of a number of pages. Consists of \\\"a series of Reports to the Board of Agriculture, of Reports and letters to a variety of unofficial correspondents, and of Reports to the Foreign Office and to the Colonial Office, drawn up by Mr. F. V. Theobald during the years 1901-1902\\\". These follow a classified survey of the various sub-divisions of Economic Zoology. Animals injurious to Agriculture, Horticulture, and Forestry. There are eighteen Figures in the text, and sections on furniture beetles, clothes moths, tapeworms and wireworms, origin and varieties of domesticated geese, horse-worms, scabies, earwigs, screw worms in St Lucia, larder beetles, locusts, termites, and the dreaded cigar beetle. An ex-library copy. Errata slip. 192 pages. Slight foxing to first and last pages.