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NORTHANTS MILITIA LISTS 1777 Second Hand Historical Military reference Book in good condition PUBLISHED BY DALKEITH PRESS LTD FOR THE NORTHANTS RECORD SOCIETY 1973, 25TH EDITION. EDITED BY V.A. HATLEY \'Series of militia lists for Northamptonshire exist for 1762, 1771, 1774, 1777, 1781 and 1786. Those for 1777 are reproduced in this book; they cover all the county except Nassaburgh Hundred (better known as Soke of Peterborough) and are nearer to being complete than any of the other series\'. \'The English militia was a force raised for the defence of the realm against invasion or rebellion..... Liability to serve in the militia rested on able bodied men between the ages of 18 and 45 years. However peers of the realm, clergymen, articled clerks, apprentices, seamen and parish constables were exempt. So also were poor men who had three or more children born in wedlock....\' Hard backed book, 255 mm x 160 mm, with 160 pages, nice condition. Green cloth hard back with some slight stainage / fading on it. Letters in gilt to spine. Corners very slightly bumped. Pages in excellent condition, just small pencil marking to front endpaper. Colour image to frontispiece of Northants Militia at Brackley by Thomas Rowlandson