Terence Cuneo Exhibition 25th June - 2nd July

An exhibition of Equestrian and Canine prints of Terence Cuneo OBE, CVO, RGI, FGRA

To be held in conjunction with The Cuneo Societey at: Sally Mitchell's Gallery, 1 Market Place, Tuxford, Notts, NG22 0LA.

Gallery opening times: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm, Saturday 8.30am - 3pm Sundays Closed.

Terence Cuneo was one of the 20th centuary's leading artists and was for many years president of The British Sporting Art Trust, whose top annual award still carries his name; 'The Cuneo Medal'.  He was probably most famous for his inclusion of a tiny mouse hidden somwhere within each painting, including the Royal Ceremonial paintings!  It is said that he didn't include one in the first of the Royal paintings and was promptly asked to do so!

Why not have a coffee and a light lunch in our courtyard and spend the day browsing the rest of the gallery and The Museum of The Horse!